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Welcome to the website of Mirko Ruta, a professional sounddesigner, musicproducer and DSP developer who works for companies like:

  • Vengeance Sound (Avenger / Samplepacks / Synthpatches)
  • Parawave Audio (Rapid Synthesizer Extensions / DSP Elements)
  • reFX (Nexus3 Expansions / DSP Elements)
  • Native Instruments (Massive X Sounds)
  • Synapse Audio (Dune 3 Soundbank)
  • U-HE (Hive 2 Sounds)
  • KV331 (Synthmaster One Sounds)
  • Access Music (Virus TI Soundset)

On this website you can find all of his work and if you’re interested in outstanding sounds or unique DSP algorithms, just contact him here


Some of the biggest synthesizer manufacturers have commissioned Mirko Ruta in recent years to produce various sound banks. Here you can see some recommendations of these companies.


Native Instruments

“This was our first trip with Mirko and he didn’t disappoint at all. Ruta Sound nailed down some of the biggest EDM sounds we have heard in Massive X so far. He delivered the commissioned sounds according to the brief, on time and to a high quality level.

We will definitely work again with Mirko”

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Parawave Audio

“Mirko Ruta is a very talented and adaptable sound designer and has a great personality. Working with him is both easy and refreshing. He created multiple sound libraries for the Rapid Synthesizer and can adapt to virtually every music genre out there. He is knowledgeable in sound design, music composition, and software development and his audio productions are always unique and engaging. 

A professional and truly creative person at heart.”

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Vengeance Sound

“We work with Mirko Ruta since 10 years as he is a reliable worker with a quick workflow. He has excellent abilities in sound design, audio production and video production.
He is able to deliver within a wide field of genres such as Trance, Dubstep, Chill and all other modern EDM genres. Highly recommended.”

reFX Logo


“We’ve been working with Mirko Ruta for several years. He’s created several Nexus expansions and helped us with countless professional audio-demos and videos. We love working with him as he’s fast, reliable and delivers outstanding quality. His far reaching knowledge and experience seals the deal.”

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Synapse Audio

“Mirko Ruta is one of the best sound designers we know, and a pleasure to work with. 

He gets sounds out of our synths that we didn’t even consider to be possible! That’s exactly how sound design should be, we cannot recommend him highly enough.”

KVR331 Audio

“Mirko Ruta is a man of multiple talents: Not only he has the artistic capability to design awesome sounds for any music style, he would also create the perfect audio & video demo that showcase the sounds’ characther.

He is very easy to work with, and delivers his work right on time. We are very glad to have worked with him, and would love to continue our collaboration in the future.”

Latest Sounddesign by ruta sound

Mirko Ruta …

…will be the best choice if you need sounds for your synthesizer, because he creates high quality sounds for every kinf of genre like House, Trap, Futurebass, Bigroom, Tropical House, Hardstyle, Deephouse, Trance, Dubstep, and many many more… 

Just take a look at all the soundbanks he creates for companies like Vengeance Sound, Parawave Audio, reFX and KV331.

Latest Musicproduction by ruta sound

Mirko Ruta …

…works as professional sound designer and also as music producer. He created a lot of audiodemos in different genres not only for his own soundbanks. Companies like Parawave-Audio, reFX, Vengeance and Synapse Audio.



…is a big passion of Mirko Ruta, but he wants more. He wants to know how „sounds“ work fundamentaly and how they are built on the lowest level. That’s why, a few years ago he began to study the mathematics and algorithms of it.
It fascinates him every day anew and exploring new algorithms is exciting and he enjoys it a lot.