Videos from Mirko Ruta

Not only sound design and dsp development are big passions of Mirko Ruta, also creating videos and he does it also professional for companies like Parawave Audio and Refx. For each ReFX Nexus XP he creates a video and there are more than 50.  Here is a section of his best works:

Videos for famous people like Tiesto or Steve Aoki



Awesome trailer for the RAPID XT – Future Strike

Some Parawave RAPID live videos

ReFX Nexus Analog 2. Cool 3D animations in combination with the music which is also produced by Mirko Ruta

The official trailer to the big ReFX Nexus rompler. Video and audio produced by Mirko Ruta

A fitting video to his tropical house expansion

The Epic ReFX Nexus Hollywood 3 Collection

Further cool videos for ReFX Nexus