High end quality sounds is what Mirko Ruta wants and here you can find all the Expansions, Extensions and Soundbanks he made for the world wide best companies/synths like:

  • Vengeance Sound – VPS Avenger
  • Parawave Audio – RAPID Layer Synthesizer
  • ReFX – Nexus 2
  • Synapse Audio
  • KV331 – Synthmaster/Synthmaster One
  • Access Music – Virus TI
Parawave RAPID


Parawave RAPID would not exist without the work of Mirko Ruta, because he did a lot of work like almost each Extension, the complete Factory-Content and a lot of DSP-Elements like the Osc-Inserts Effects, the Main-Effect (like Reverb, Delays, MB Saturator, Glitch, etc.).

There are also a lot of videos for Parawave RAPID he made like tutorials and live perfomrances you can find here or in the Video-Section

VPS Avenger


Mirko Ruta works together with Manuel Schleis since many years and he (Mirko Ruta) created a lot Soundbanks for different synthesizers like Access – Virus TI, NI – Massive, Cakewalk – Z3ta, Camel Audio -Alchemy and of course for VPS Avenger.

These Soundbanks are available on Vengeance-Sound.



reFX Nexus 2


You know the track „Hardwell – Countdown“? The basic drumloop which contains a dominant tonal bassdrum and a brute percussion is nothing more than an SQ sound from the „Swedish House XP“.

This XP and many others a created by Mirko Ruta and can be found in the reFX store. 

Here is a list with all Nexus XP from Mirko Ruta 

KV331 Synthmaster One

KV331 - Synthmaster

The company kv331 has become aware of the high quality sounds from Mirko Ruta and asked him to create additional Synthmaster One Factory-Presets.

KV331: „Generate sounds that we do not have yet, please. Possible?“

Mirko Ruta: „No problem, here we go!“ :-)