High end quality sounds is what Mirko Ruta wants and here you can find all the Expansions, Extensions and Soundbanks he made for the world wide best companies/synths like:

  • Vengeance Sound – VPS Avenger
  • Parawave Audio – RAPID Layer Synthesizer
  • ReFX – Nexus 2
  • Synapse Audio – DUNE 3
  • U-HE – Hive 2
  • KV331 – Synthmaster/Synthmaster One
  • Access Music – Virus TI
Parawave Rapid


Parawave RAPID would not exist without the work of Mirko Ruta, because he did a lot of work like almost each Extension, the complete Factory-Content and a lot of DSP-Elements like the Osc-Inserts Effects, the Main-Effect (like Reverb, Delays, MB Saturator, Glitch, etc.).

There are also a lot of videos for Parawave RAPID he made like tutorials and live perfomrances you can find here or in the Video-Section

VPS Avenger


Mirko Ruta works together with Manuel Schleis since many years and he (Mirko Ruta) created a lot Soundbanks for different synthesizers like Access – Virus TI, NI – Massive, Cakewalk – Z3ta, Camel Audio -Alchemy and of course for VPS Avenger.

These Soundbanks are available on Vengeance-Sound.



reFX Nexus 2


You know the track “Hardwell – Countdown”? The basic drumloop which contains a dominant tonal bassdrum and a brute percussion is nothing more than an SQ sound from the “Swedish House XP”.

This XP and many others a created by Mirko Ruta and can be found in the reFX store. 

Here is a list with all Nexus XP from Mirko Ruta 

Synapse Audio Dune 3

Synapse Audio - Dune 3

The famous VST Synthesizer called Dune 3 is a must have for all producers. An easy to use synthesizer which has a lot of power. 

Now it is time for Mirko Ruta. He is now creating soundsets for this machine and he had the honor to create the very first one called “Bigroom”. 

We will see what kind of soundsets he will create for Dune 3 in future. ;-)

KV331 Synthmaster One

KV331 - Synthmaster

The company kv331 has become aware of the high quality sounds from Mirko Ruta and asked him to create additional Synthmaster One Factory-Presets.

KV331: “Generate sounds that we do not have yet, please. Possible?”

Mirko Ruta: “No problem, here we go!” :-)