Musicproductions by mirko ruta

On this page you will find the best musicproductions of Mirko Ruta. A lot of his productions are for Vengeace Soundsets or ReFX Nexus Expansions from other designers, who needed help creating audiodemos for their soundpacks. 

Other productions are for demonstratic factory sounds and again other productions are just for fun. :-)


The Analog-Series of reFX Nexus is a highlight and team REFX asked Mirko Ruta to build audiodemos for them. Sure he did and he also created the video-animations. Enjoy. :-)

reFX Nexus – Analog 1

reFX Nexus – Analog 2

Also very interesting reFX Nexus Soundsets are the FM-Soundsets where he also made the audiodemos and videos.

reFX Nexus – FM

reFX Nexus – FM 2

Premium EDM Vol.1 – Synapse DUNE 2 Synthesizer

This audiodemo is made of the Synapse Audio Dune Expansion „EDM Vol. 1“

Soundset by Kevin Schroeder. Audiodemo by Mirko Ruta

VPS Phalanx Factory

This audiodemo is made of the VPS Phalanx Factory

Gib hier deine Überschrift ein

This audiodemo is made of the Phalanx XP Freaky House. The audiodemo is produced by Manuel Schleis and Mirko Ruta 

Latest Releases

Some tracks only on Soundcloud | different genres prduced by Mirko Ruta