Sound design is a big passion of Mirko Ruta, but he wants more. He wants to know how „sounds“ work fundamentaly and how they are built on the lowest level. That’s why, a few years ago he began to study the mathematics and algorithms of it.
It fascinates him every day anew and exploring new algorithms is exciting and he enjoys it a lot.

Now he develops different algorithms for companies like Parawave Audio (RAPID) and Vengeance Sound (Avenger).

Parawave Rapid 3D


Mirko Ruta did a lot of Extensions for Parawave RAPID and also the big Factory-Content. 

But RAPID would not be the same without the elements from Mirko Ruta that he developed like the Effects, Oscillator-Inserts, Sequencer,…

Here you can see some details and at the bottom a list of his work.

ReFX Nexus 3

ReFX - nexus 3

Nexus 3 is one of the most popular VST Instruments on market. The new version is significantly more extensive than its predecessor.

Some of the elements are developed by Mirko Ruta. 







Here is a list of his work:

  • Parawave Rapid
    • FX: MB Saturator
    • FX: Glitch
    • FX: Tapestop
    • FX: Reverb
    • FX: All Delays (Single Delay, Dual Delay, Tonal Delay, Chamber)
    • FX. All Feedback FX (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Ensemble)
    • FX: Talker
    • FX: Shaper (Dual Band)
    • FX: Compressor and Limiter
    • FX: All Disotrion FX (Dual Band Shaper, Distortion, Bitcrush with talker mode)
    • FX: Talker
    • FX: Equalizer
    • FX: Sidechain
    • FX: Trancegate
    • Osc-Insert-FX: Asymmetric Clip
    • Osc-Insert-FX: Formant Shift
    • Osc-Insert-FX: All Phase Bends and Mirrors
    • Osc-Insert-FX: Overlap 2x and 3x
    • Osc-Insert-FX: Chaos Phase
    • Filter: Highpass
    • Filter: Analog Lowpass
    • Filter: Acid Lowpass
    • Filter Formant A and Formant B
    • Voice-Insert-FX: Exciter
    • Voice-Insert-FX: Tone Fuzz
    • Voice-Insert-FX: Bitcrush
    • Voice-Insert-FX: Free Ring Mod
    • Voice-Insert-FX: Time Lag
    • Modulator: LFO
    • Modulator: Sequencer
  • Vengeance Sound Avenger
    • V-Verb
    • Formant Shift X-Fade Mode
    • Comb Key Filter
  • ReFX Nexus 3
    • RutaVerb
    • Overdrive