ni massive

Vengeance Soundset – Dubstep Vol. 3 (NI Massive)

And the beat goes on with Volume 3 of the Vengeance Dubstep series! This time, Mirko Ruta designed another 64 sounds of earth-shaking dubstep insanity. Raw, rough,…

cakewalk z3ta

Vengeance Soundset – Z3ta Vol. 1 (Cakewalk Z3ta)

Finally, Vengeance dives into the awesome sound of the Z3ta synthesizers! Explore 64 brand new club sounds, ranging from Electro and Trance, to Pop and HandsUp. This is a perfect …

Access Virus TI

Vengeance Soundset – Incubation Vol. 4 (Access Virus TI)

You’ve been waiting for a long time… but now that wait is over, “Incubation vol.4” is here! 128 of the finest Electro, House, Trance and HandsUp sounds, created by Mirko Ruta. With these sounds,…

Camel Audio Alchemy

Vengeance Soundset – Alchemy Vol. 1 (Camel Audio Alchemy)

All you need for pumpin’ Electro / House / HandsUp or Trance – Mirko Ruta shows off big time! The mighty Alchemy synthesizer strikes back with its enumerous modulation possibilities,