New Reverb Algorithms for Parawave RAPID

In the past I developed the reverb algorithms for Vengeances “V-Verb” (also available in VPS Avenger) and you can also find almost the same algorithm in Parawave RAPID. I thought it is cool and much better than the most synthesizer-reverbs, which are mostly not diffuse enough and/or sounds metallic. But my algorithm was IMHO not that smooth and soft like the high end reverbs from companies like Lexicon. After a long time, I was thinking what I could make better and got some ideas. Here are the first results.

I developed four new room-types:

  • Nuclear
  • Solar
  • Nova
  • Space

Nuclear is the smallest one, Solar is a bit bigger, Nova and Space are the biggest and smoothest. I think the results are pretty cool and only need some fine tunings before it is final. Just listen to the demo at let me know what you think.