Glitch FX for Parawave Rapid

Time glitches for an advanced sound.

A new weapon called Glitch from Mirko Ruta is available now in the Parawave RAPID FX selection which allows to jump back in time to create outstanding stutter effects. The effects uses the sequencer as source which can be changed in realtime so it is possible to jump between them to create varied patterns and gives your sound more dynamic in time. That could be a big advantage because your sound will be more complex and different to the most regular once.

Sequencer and Glitch

The glitch effect comes with a lot of sequencer presets and is ready to use, also for beginners. Just take a look at the Sequencer-Presets with the name “Glitch” at the beginning and try them out. Each sequencer pattern creates unique timesynced jumps which gives interesting rhythm effects and can be modified and changed, because the sequencer are editable in endles ways.

Declicking Parameter

Jumping in time in the middle of an audio-signal can create clicks, because the readpointer jumps from one position directly to another one. To eliminate these clicks just increase the “declick” parameter and your glitch-sound is clean and ready for your production. If you use drumloops it could be better, if you decrease the declick options, or set it to zero, because it could reduce the transients of your drums and that will take down the energy.

Parawave RAPID Glitch 2

The results are very interesting using drumloops, melodies or other rhythmic elements.

The following video shows how to use it and what type of sound you can create with it:

Here is another cool example which shows a melody first without glitch, than a short break and again the same melody with the glitch FX.