Oscillator (Wavetable) Insert Effects for Parawave RAPID

The big Parawave RAPID v1.5 update comes with a lot of new fetaures. One of the biggest changes is the new resizable GUI which comes also with different themes.

The new version comes also with a lot of new oscillator-insert effects which transorm and morph the wavetables in different ways. The new effects are:

  • Assymetric Clip: This one can clip the wavetable and can also be shifted up and down to get asymmetric distortions
  • Hardsync Add: This creatres a hardsync effect and adds it to the original wavetables
  • Formantshifter: This can shift the formants of a wavetable in booth directions. The “keyfollow” options allows to fix the formants in position while playing different notes
  • different Phase-Bends: These bends the wavetable in different ways
  • different Mirrors: These clones the wavetable and mirrors it
  • Overlap: This duplicates and adds the wave for cool detune or PWM effects.
  • Organic Drift: Let the oscillator drift in a very specifiv way to give your sound an analog touch.

Take a look at the video to find out more.